A House for Pop Art

The designer Tommy Hilfiger is selling his Florida mansion, which he and his wife, Dee, bought in 2013 to house their collection of Pop Art. The house has seven bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. All rooms are painted in bright colors to complement the Hilfiger’s art collection. The house has been on the market for one […]

A Visit to Seattle

Special Recognition for ‘CityScapes’ 2018 Art Exhibition

February 1, 2018: Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its December art exhibition, the “CityScapes’ Online Art Exhibition is now posted on their website and can be viewed online. The theme for this art exhibition is Cityscapes. Artists were asked to submit their best abstract or representational 2D and […]

Barnes Art Gallery

Machine Learning for a Fun Museum Visit

The Barnes Foundation art gallery, located in Philadelphia, boasts a collection of famous work with some Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cézanne paintings.  Now, they also offer a way to view their collections via the web.  And not just view, they have a machine learning algorithm that helps you see the commonality across history, artists and […]


Honoring a great artist who died 50 years ago: Otis Redding

On December 10, 1967, a private plane carrying Otis Redding and the members of his band stalled on its final approach to the municipal airport in Madison, Wisconsin, and crashed into the waters of Lake Monona, killing all but one of the eight people onboard. Otis was one of the early artists to break the […]


Toyin Odutola: Amazing Art

Every now and then, I run across an artist that catches my eye and I am in awe of their paintings. Toyin Odutola is such an artist. She had her first solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum in NYC when she was 32 years old. Now she is on the cover of Juxtapoz November 2017 […]

The Barber Shop

Don’t Sell My Hero!

Berkshire Museum in Massachusetts is still planning on selling two Norman Rockwell paintings to raise funds to ‘remake the museum’.  Van Shields, the museum’s director, recently told Berkshire Magazine he wanted to create “a radically new interdisciplinary approach, we envision almost being like in ‘Harry Potter,’ ”. Van Shields, tried to do the same at his last job, a […]


Natural Beauty

Photographer Mihaela Noroc travelled the world from Ethiopia to the US and from Guatemala to France in search of natural and authentic beauty. The attached photos show some of the inspiring women she met on her journey.  This proves strength and beauty do not necessarily come from the beauty counters in department stores.


William the Hippo gets a friend

William the Hippo has been at the New York Museum of Art since 1917.   He is a small, blue ancient Egyptian faience.  His age is estimated at 4,000 years old. To celebrate his 100 years at the Museum, they are adding a new hippo.  The new hippopotamus was created by American artist Carl Walters.  This is just so […]


Ice Cream…Food of the Gods

San Francisco has just opened a museum of ice cream. The museum features a play pool of sprinkles, a rock climbing wall where the grips are large cherry shapes and a vanilla ping pong table to name just a few of the rooms.  There are also rooms on the history of ice cream and other […]

follows can help with Twitter

If you have a Twitter account (mine is @WedgworthArt) there are sometimes issues.  I have been struggling with getting a correct handle.  After viewing several Twitter support sites, I discovered  They have a most comprehensive blog on how to get help from Twitter.  The blog can be found here: .   In addition […]