Order a Custom Painting

Examples of Custom Paintings

  • Portraits
  • Cityscapes or skylines
  • Humorous paintings
  • Native American or Western art
  • Comic book heros (e.g. Iron Man, Star Wars)
  • Favorite movie scenes (e.g. Casablanca)

Steps to Ordering a Custom Painting

1. Fill out the ‘Contact Me’ page. In the text box, provide a summary of what you want.
2. I will contact you. We will talk, or email, until I feel I understand your desired painting.
3. We sign a contract, specifying terms, cost, delivery method and acceptance for payment. 


4. A down-payment of 50 percent of the total painting fee is needed to start the painting. On the last page of the Shop, there is an image labeled ‘Down Payment’. Click on this ‘Down Payment’ image to add to your cart; proceed to checkout.
5. I will draw pencil sketches or use Microsoft Powerpoint to develop ‘draft image’ of your painting. When I have a sketch/ Powerpoint that matches your idea, I start painting.
6. I will regularly contact you with updates on the painting progress.
7. When I finish the painting and you approve, final payment will be due. Final payment can be made by clicking the ‘Final Payment’ image in the Shop. Click the image to add to your cart and complete the purchase through checkout. Upon receipt of payment, I will ship the painting to you.